Cambridge University United Nations Association

Promoting a greater understanding of the role, functions and potential of the United Nations, with speaker events, socials, and the home of Model UN debate in Cambridge.


Model UN-style debates are held every Monday at 7pm. They're designed for people of all experience levels and we have a lot of beginners, as well as some experienced debaters. We send delegates to Model UN conferences as well as hosting two of our own here in Cambridge.


Friendly gatherings ranging from relaxed evening discussions about international politics and anything else, to punting, and formal halls in different colleges around Cambridge. Socials are a little different this year, but still lots of fun and a great way to meet new people. 


Regularly hosting speaker events during term time involving experts, international representatives and academics on various UN-related topics and wider global issues, from UN career advice to international warfare.


Collaborating nationally with UNAs across the UK to promote the Youth Delegate Program, as well as promoting and representing Youth Engagement in UN affairs globally and spreading awareness about international issues.

The CUUNA Committee with Ban Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations


We don't charge a membership fee, and anyone (CUUNA member or otherwise) is welcome at all our events. 

If you would like to get more involved in CUUNA, please sign up to our mailing list. We'll send you emails with updates about events and opportunities. We won't email you too often, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

You can also find all of our events on our facebook page and on our termcard


We host one of the oldest and largest Model UN conferences in the UK each year, as well as a seperate conference for secondary school students. Our delegations attend conferences throughout the UK and globally. 


We update this list regularly, so all of these are current opportunities to get more involved in CUUNA, as well as attending our events of course. If you're thinking about joining the CUUNA committee, you can run at our AGM in Lent term. 

CUIMUN HS Secretariat

This Model UN conference is aimed at secondary school level, and in the past has brought as many as 400 participants to Cambridge. 

The conference will take place from the 17th - 19th September 2021, and most likely be a hybrid event with both in person and online participants. 

We are looking for motivated and committed Secretariat members. Everyone is encouraged to apply, whether you are new to MUN or have been to l ots of conferences!

Contact: Emily Wallis & Tom Williamson &

Student Action for Female Education in Africa (SAFE)

With this project, we aim to promote female education in rural parts of Africa by supporting the work of an NGO called CAMFED. We plan to raise money for CAMFED through fundraising events, such as screening CAMFED films/documentaries, partnering with local businesses to create and sell products, coinciding with CAMFED appeals (International Women's Day) and other established Cambridge events such as Pink Week. We also plan to raise awareness through speaker events, writing articles and circulating posts/infographics via social media. Another goal is to build relationships with CAMFED schools, creating a pen-pal scheme and sending motivational letters to fellow students in the schools with which CAMFED work. We also aim to liaise with various other societies and organisations to promote CAMFED, encouraging partnerships between people who have the same goals.

Contact: Emily Wallis & Flora Thurston &

UNA Youth Platform

The UNA Youth Platform is a collaborative project bringing together youth UNAs, MUN societies, and other relevant youth clubs, societies, and organisations across the United Kingdom. Our core efforts serve to provide a national landscape for the discussion of real international youth issues, pertaining both to the UK, and to the wider world, hosting national events and campaigns to spread awareness and provide young people a voice on the global stage. To provide a national body to share best practices and support the development of local youth MUN and UN-related societies a well as the UK Model UN circuit of conferences. The goal of this ERC project is to coordinate the CUUNA delegation to UNA-YP, make sure UNA-YP remains strong and stable and re-establish it if it collapses.

Contact: Rakoen Maertens

Cambridge Policy Unit for the Sustainable Development Goals

At CUUNA, we're starting a new External Relations Committee Project called the Cambridge Policy Unit for Social Development Goals - and we are looking for people who want to join!

The aim of the project is to investigate the progress that Cambridge has made in the implementation of the UN Social Development Goals, as well as research and devise policy recommendations with the possibility of collaborating with the Cambridge City Council and/or other University-level bodies for implementation.

The idea is to have 3-4 student-lead teams based on SDG themes, and include students of all levels and academic disciplines at Cambridge.

Contact: Gauhrishi Narang

The CUUNA Club

The CUUNA Club is a great new initiative to connect members of CUUNA with Cambridge Alumni and other UN affiliates and its partner organisations in order to build, develop and maintain international, national and local relations.

Contact: Megan Hackett & √Člise Lannaud &

WFUNA Youth Meeting

This ambitious project was initiated in Lent Term 2020 and its aim is to facilitate greater youth engagement with the UN by hosting a WFUNA Youth Meeting and/or a WFUNA Youth Seminar to be hosted at Cambridge University in the academic year 2021/2022.

Contact: Sam Crooks


We are a founding member of the UNA-UK Youth Partnership, through which we collaborate with other United Nations Associations on projects including establishing a UN Youth Delegate Program.